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Vijay Mehta's Peace Beyond Borders Book Review by Luckshan Abeysuriya


Review by Luckshan Abeysuirya, Retired Board Member of Amnesty and Outreach Coordinator, UNA South Lakes

Peace Beyond Borders – ISBN – 978-1-78026-376-2

Published June 2016 by New Internationalist
Vijay Mehta – Author, Peace Activist and Chair, Uniting for Peace

Mehta has published an excellent and timely book, on the European Union, on not only how it has brought peace to Europe, but also is a paradigm shift, for the rest of the world, to resolve conflicts around the world.

His book is a masterpiece of how not only the EU, but the Regional bodies are trying to bring peace in the wider world. Mehta gives us a clear understanding in his very readable ten chapters and Postscript, on the paradigm of “Better Together.”

His erudite explanations of the 10 steps to global peace is not only a guide to better understanding of Global relations, but also a model for peace and prosperity. The 10 chapters of this book, are excellent reading for not only for Peace and Conflict Resolution, but a measured study for all aspiring statesmen and students alike to try to mitigate global conflicts.

The 10 chapters and Postscript are:

  1. Uniting for Peace – 10 Steps which made War Unthinkable in Europe
  2. Team Europe – European Union
  3. The United States of Africa – African Union
  4. Trouble with the Giants – Asian Union
  5. The Quiet Continent – South American Union
  6. Lands of the Free – North American Union
  7. Beyond Oceans – Australia and Oceania Union
  8. What the Ottomans Knew – Conflicts of the West and Islam – Caliphate
  9. Exorbitant Privilege – The BRICS and A New World Order
  10. The Anglo-Paradox – Preserving the UK Union

Postscript – Better Together – 10 Steps to Global Peace

Mehta concludes in his quote, “The EU-Framework for peace needs to be transplanted to every continent – to prevent war, Education is essential for Elites as well as for the masses and civil society at large.”

He challenges us to realise the EU like other Regional architecture is necessary for Global Peace within a reformed United Nations – that concludes Mehta, is the best hope for peace in our time.

I have known Mehta for many years, sharing Peace platforms in the European Parliament and at the events hosted by UNA-UK and Uniting for Peace.

I recommend his challenging book to all those who cherish global peace.

You can write to Vijay Mehta, Uniting for Peace, 14 Cavell Street, London E1 2HP, Telephone number: 0207 791 1717. To buy the book, send a cheque made payable to Vijay Mehta for £9.99 +£2.00 for the postage or buy online at www.europeforpeace.org.uk or Amazon.

Review by Luckshan Abeysuirya, M A, Retired Board Member of Amnesty International and UNA UK