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Books below are by Vijay Mehta Chair of Uniting for Peace

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Vijay Mehta

Author and Global Activist for Peace, Development, Human Rights and the Environment
Mobile: 00 44 (0) 7776 231 018 Tel: 00 44 (0) 207 377 2111
Please visit following websites for Vijay Mehta's work

Vijay Mehta in Better World Links www.betterworldlinks.org
Vijay Mehta oin Better World Links #2 www.betterworldlinks.org
President, VM Centre for Peace www.unitingforpeace.com
Founder Climate Change 365 www.climatechange365.eu
Founding Trustee, Fortune Forum www.fortuneforum.org
Senior Advisor, ICE circle www.icecircle.org
Co-Chair World Disarmament Campaing www.world-disarm.org.uk
Other Links
UNA www.una-uk.org/
UN Student & Youth Asscociation www.una-uk.org/youth/index.html
Model UN & Citizenship www.una-uk.org/education/index.html
Young Professionals Network www.una-uk.org/ypn/index.html
UN Homepage www.un.org/
Secretary General www.un.org/sg/
Security Council www.un.org/Docs/sc/
General Assembly www.un.org/ga/
UN System www.unsystem.org


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