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Books below are by Vijay Mehta Chair of Uniting for Peace

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ABOUT: Vijay Mehta


Vijay Mehta, a renowned author and global activist for peace, development and human rights, is Co-Founder and Chair of Uniting for Peace. He is a Founding Trustee of Fortune Forum charity which was founded by his daughter Renu Mehta. It hosted summits in which speakers included Former President Clinton, Al Gore and Michael Douglas which attracted a worldwide audience of 1.3 billion people. Vijay’s books include The Fortune Forum Code: For a Sustainable Future (2006), Arms No More (2005) and The United Nations and its Future in the 21st Century (2005).

Vijay’s latest book “The Economics of Killing: How the West Fuels War and Poverty in the Developing World” is published by Pluto Press in 2012. It describes how the Military Industrial Complex works, its links with global financial crisis and the role of Western governments play in perpetuating conflicts.

In his role as an advocate of peace Vijay understands the importance of working with all parties to the conflict in the search for lasting peace. In 2009 he met former prisoners and hunger strikers in Belfast and learnt first-hand the real problems of keeping the peace after the Good Friday Agreement in Belfast. He has served on many advisory boards, forums, conferences and lectures to address the dynamics between peace and disarmament, offering dialogue and non-violent solutions to tackle conflict.

Through his peace campaigns, Vijay has met, conversed and deliberated with many influential luminaries, including Nobel Peace Prize winners Mairead Maguire,  and Archbishop Desmond Tutu. He galvanises everyone he meets with his boundless energy, optimism and passion to affect change in the chaos, violence and unpredictability that surrounds us.

In 2012, Vijay Mehta has been selected for the Global Indian Karmaveer (Action hero) Puraskaar (Award) by iCONGO as a noble-laureate 2012-2013. It is an award for outstanding luminaries working for peace and social justice.

Vijay lives in London with his wife and their four children: Sanjay, Vimal, Ajay and Renu. Vimal was born with Down's Syndrome, a living reminder to Vijay of his personal responsibilities to the vulnerable.

“Life has taught me to be humble and realise how small a cog you are in this universal scheme of things. Understanding this essence of life, I try to spend every waking hour to speak, write and act for reducing violence, wars, suffering and bringing peace, justice, harmony joy and happiness. My passion and spirit is in my motto: Be good and do good.” – Vijay Mehta

“Vijay….a long standing activist for peace, development, human rights and environment”
The Sunday Times Magazine, London 1st February, 2009

 “Vijay Mehta lends intellectual credibility to the project and wrote ‘The Fortune Forum Code for a Sustainable Future’, a sort of manifesto that will underpin the group’s future activities.”
The Independent, London 26 September 2006



Global Activist for Peace, Development and Human Rights

Co-Founder and Chair of Uniting for Peace

Founding Trustee of Fortune Forum charity

Advocate of Peace



Interviews To request an interview, meeting, lecture, speech or for a general inquiry, call 0207 377 2111
Email: vijay@vmpeace.org



The Economics of Killing
Arms No More
Development Dialogue

The United Nations and its Future in the 21st Century

Climate Change 365

The Fortune Forum Code

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